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I can’t believe my big boy is 8 months old!! Things are good, but hectic and I’m crazy tired. M was up every hour last night. He’s cutting at least two teeth and even with Tylenol he’s been sleeping horribly.  We finally moved him to his own room and crib. It took me a while to get used to not having him by my side but it was time. E is a great big sister as well as C, but C is also 2 and wants what she wants immediately. Both girls were already weaned from me by this point but M won’t take bottles or binkies so we’ll nurse until he’s one.  He’s already 20#s and 29 or 30″. He finally started sitting on his own and then he followed up by pulling himself to the standing position. E was the same way. I’m betting he’ll be walking by 9 months like both of the girls. I’m still doing ww, I’m down to 167. I’d like to get to 150 since two of my BFF’s are getting married this year and in standing up in both weddings. Here’s a pic of my little ones…Image


it’s been a while…

Hello all! I have been settling in to life with 3 kids.  It has been fun, interesting, tiring, and challenging to say the least.

Michael is a pretty easy baby, especially after having Ca.roline. She had reflux pretty bad and was sort of high maintenance if you will.  She was never a good sleeper either. After going through all that with her Michael is pretty easy.  He’s almost 3 months now.  Insane.  For some crazy reason the weather turned and it’s been in the low 60s/high 50s here and I had NOTHING for him to wear. I ran to kohls and got him some warm things.  I used his 2 month stats to pick out things (25″ & 14lbs 2oz) which meant 6month.  Yeah, one of the footy pajamas just fit him.  He’s going to be huge I think.

He finally started taking a binkie which I am so thankful for.  It’s hard when I knew he wanted the comfort of sucking without having to eat.  It’s made calming him down and getting him to sleep a lot faster.  I’m still co-sleeping with him and it means I’ve been getting some pretty decent chunks of sleep.

We took bottles away from C a few weeks ago after realizing she was waking up in the middle of the night MORE than our newborn. Sigh. It was a rough few nights but she finally, finally thank you God started sleeping through the night.  We never had any issues with E and sleep or binkies or transitioning her to her crib and then bed, but C is just her own person man.

Most days fly by.  Honestly the hardest part of the day is when I just get Michael to sleep and C walks in saying she’s got a dirty diaper. Cue fussy/screaming baby while hurrying to change a smelly diaper.  🙂  I do start to look at the clock around 3 pm and start counting down to when my dh will come home on those days.

I’ve been doing WW since June 5th and I’m down 12.8lbs.  Only 35 to go to get to my goal weight.  About 20 to get to my pre-pregnancy weight.  I’ve been doing the shred since I started ww too and I’m losing inches all over the place.  Since I want to be done having kids I want to get my body back ASAP. Also my two closest friends got engaged this year and I will having 2 weddings next year, one of which I’m the maid of honor. I don’t want to be the fat one in all the pictures.

It’s still surreal that we have another baby.  And a boy none the less.  It blows my mind how easy and quickly that pregnancy and delivery went.  It’s hard to believe that just over 3 years ago I didn’t think we’d ever have more than E.  I was so ready to give up.  Alright I want to eat a snack before I take Michael up to bed.  I’m still reading blogs almost daily, I’ll try to be better about posting.

4 weeks old tomorrow

I cannot believe how quickly the days pass here.  Michael is such a sweet baby and doesn’t fuss much.  He usually only cries when I set him down to change C, feed C, or use the restroom.  The girls adore him and it hasn’t been too difficult going from 2 to 3 kids. I think the transition from 1 to 2 was harder (even with the 4 year age difference).  After I had M I still had another week of school with 2 finals to do so it was a bit crazy.  This is E’s last week of school and I’m looking forward to relaxing in the mornings instead of running around like a nutcase getting everyone ready.


I really didn’t know or have any feelings one way or another about what we were having. My dh was thrilled he was a boy. I’m glad he’s here and healthy.  This was my first delivery without pitocin!!  Insane!  I went in for my OB appointment on 5/7 and was 4.5 cm dilated. My OB sent me home and gave me instructions for my induction on 5/9.  Everyone was shocked she didn’t admit me.  Anyway, I went home and tried to nap with C and I was feeling like junk.  Just off. My lower back had a dull ache and I just didn’t feel comfortable sitting at home.


We went in to triage where they said I was 5. I had to for about 2 hours and I was regularly contracting. When they spoke with my OB she really wanted them to send me home.  That wasn’t going to happen. I had Group B stre.p again and I knew I needed antibiotics (and I know all the stuff newborns can acquire without the antibiotics being given) and it felt like we had to fight to stay.  Bah.


My nurses were amazing.  They pretty much let me contract and dilate. When I hit 7.5cm I got the epidural.  I wasn’t in pain but there were 2 other procedures coming up so if I didn’t get it then I was out of luck.  After I had my 2 doses of antibiotics they broke my water.  Once the sac was ruptured they said my cervix went from an 8 to a 6. Fun.  That was at 2am.  I ended up pushing around 4:30am. I guess it took 7 minutes from start to finish to have him.  It hurt like hell.  The epidural didn’t cover the perineum area at all.  No episiotomy! Also-M didn’t descend until it was time to push, which was great since the cord was wrapped around his neck twice.   That wasn’t known until delivery. Thank God everything went smoothly! Alright I can hear him fussing. I will try to post more often now that I feel human again.


Next up will be working off this baby weight.  It seemed to come off the easiest after E.  A little bit less after C.  After M I only went home weighing 12lbs less!  I know part of it is that he is a moose and nurses great and my bre.asts are huge but it’s going to be a long road back to size 8 and the 150s & 140s.

He’s here! He arrived Wednesday may 8th at 4:36 am (the day before I was scheduled to be induced)

37w3d …

Cough, cough. I know it’s been forever…This pregnancy has flown by with being in school part time, E being in g.irl sc.outs and soccer and the 10 colds we’ve all had this long ass winter.

Last week E turned 6 and Car.oline turned 2.  I have no idea where the last year has gone that I have two big girls! We had family and friends over and it was such a joy to celebrate with them.

Assuming I don’t go into labor before, I’m being induced on Thursday, May 9th aka two weeks from tomorrow.  We’ve busted our butts and painted the 4th bedroom a neutral green and our front living room a nice dark blue/gray (two projects we had been putting off for far too long).

I’m 2-3 dilated and have been since my 35 week check up.  I’ve been having steady contractions but nothing closer than 20 minutes apart.  I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be here again.

That being said, I am so uncomfortable.  It is hard chasing around Caroline this big and round.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world obviously, just saying anyone who has done it before me is my hero and I have no idea how people who have kids close together manage.  I’m terrified of how loud it’s going to get when C realizes she’s got to wait for another sibling before she gets what she needs.  I guess I feel guilty making her the middle child.

ah feelings. Alright I should do homework while I can. Just wanted to check in.  I’ll try to post again before delivery, if not I will definitely post after. I’m excited to see what we’re having!

i know i know

Shitty blogger of the year award, direct it right here.

I’ll be 30 weeks tomorrow. Everything has been going really well. School is easier this semester, the girls are getting easier, and life has been really good.

We still don’t know what flavor baby this is but we do have names picked out. Gr.ace for a girl and Mi.chael for a boy.  E.lizabeth seems to be excited about having another baby in the house but I do wonder how much of it stems from having someone to torture her younger sister.  Car.oline does not want me to bring the baby home but she seems okay talking to the baby and reading big sister books.

I’m still honestly in shock that I’m here. I know it’s fucking stupid to say that but I am.  I have an empty room waiting to be painted and decorated and cleaned up and I just haven’t touched it.  I’m gigantic and I can feel this little way all day and it still feels surreal.  I really didn’t think we’d have any more kids after Caroline, I didn’t think I could put myself into the land of TTC when it took us so much to have Caro.line.  I think I went into it numb and I still haven’t broken free of that.

With maybe one exception.  One of my best friends had her 2nd daughter about a month ago and went I went to visit her I wanted to s.teal her newborn. The smell! Do you guys know how sweet a new baby smells?? I started to get excited that it would be me soon.  The next day the numbness came back.

Then my dh told me that he’s excited to have a baby around again and he loves the baby stage so much. Uh, what? I mean, that’s fantastic but that leaves me with the impression that he isn’t done after this one.

I have 2 years of clinicals for nursing coming up here….


Alright I wanted to catch up. I have a growth u/s on 3/14, I will try to post after that. I’m sorry for not posting more. I don’t know what to say half the time on here. 


I’m here, I’m here 🙂 All is well..

I’ve been meaning to update for weeks and weeks but the end of the semester was coming up and I was close to not passing.  That was stressful but thankfully I passed and can move forward.

On the baby front…all is well. It took until almost 18 weeks for me to feel any real movement because the placenta was anterior.  I have my anatomy scan on Thursday this week but we have no plans to find out what we’re having 😉  I told my dh to be strong because I want to know. If he’s strong I’ll be able to wait until May.

The girls have been keeping me on my toes.  E is finally listening better which has been so nice.  C still isn’t the best sleeper. And now we’re on another family cold aka she’s in bed with us again when she wakes up in the middle of the night. We’ll see how this all pans out. We may move her to a big girl bed and into E’s room after the holidays. We’ll see.

I have about a month off of school so we plan to get the 4th bedroom set up and ready for the new baby. It still seems very surreal most days. I’m more tired that I was with the girls but it’s only because there’s so much more going on. I have gained like I did with either of my other pregnancies too which is good.

I’ll try to post more now that the worst class ever is over 🙂 I hope all is well with you guys.


Here are the u/s the pictures from yesterday 🙂 The baby was measuring 4-5 days ahead


I hope everyone exercises their right as an American citizen and votes today! I’ll update later today. All is well here. I had an u/s yesterday but declined the 1st trimester screening. The baby is measuring 4-5 days ahead now.

it’s been a while…

things are going well here. We had a family cold that Carol.ine and I are still on the last leg of.  Add in an ear infection and there wasn’t much sleep going on last week.


I had my 12 week appointment on Tuesday. It was a 40 minute wait (with Caroline trying to escape the reception area by leaving the office or trying to go back into the patient rooms since she can open both doors!) followed by a 4 minute appointment. The OB found the heartbeat (167) and asked how I was and if I had any questions.


On Monday I have an appt with a perinato.logist and a hem.atologist. That should be interesting. I’ll update after that.


My CNA class is almost over. We’re in the middle of clinicals right now. It’s awesome though and I feel so lucky to get to work with the people I do. My instructor and classmates are top notch and such hard workers I love it. My A&P class is still awful but I’m managing it. Now that I don’t feel the need to sleep all day I am putting in more time into that class and it’s paying off thank God.


Alright I should clean up the house while I can. So far I’m up around 7lbs the first trimester (to 167).  I’m thankful I don’t have morning sickness but the need to eat has been growing and growing. Once my CNA class ends I plan on creating an exercise routine. I don’t want to lose my arms and thighs so easily after all that work to lose weight. Any suggestions? I know they say walking, but I want to do more…