37w3d …

by starsandbabies

Cough, cough. I know it’s been forever…This pregnancy has flown by with being in school part time, E being in g.irl sc.outs and soccer and the 10 colds we’ve all had this long ass winter.

Last week E turned 6 and Car.oline turned 2.  I have no idea where the last year has gone that I have two big girls! We had family and friends over and it was such a joy to celebrate with them.

Assuming I don’t go into labor before, I’m being induced on Thursday, May 9th aka two weeks from tomorrow.  We’ve busted our butts and painted the 4th bedroom a neutral green and our front living room a nice dark blue/gray (two projects we had been putting off for far too long).

I’m 2-3 dilated and have been since my 35 week check up.  I’ve been having steady contractions but nothing closer than 20 minutes apart.  I can’t believe I’m lucky enough to be here again.

That being said, I am so uncomfortable.  It is hard chasing around Caroline this big and round.  I wouldn’t trade it for the world obviously, just saying anyone who has done it before me is my hero and I have no idea how people who have kids close together manage.  I’m terrified of how loud it’s going to get when C realizes she’s got to wait for another sibling before she gets what she needs.  I guess I feel guilty making her the middle child.

ah feelings. Alright I should do homework while I can. Just wanted to check in.  I’ll try to post again before delivery, if not I will definitely post after. I’m excited to see what we’re having!