it’s been a while…

by starsandbabies

things are going well here. We had a family cold that Carol.ine and I are still on the last leg of.  Add in an ear infection and there wasn’t much sleep going on last week.


I had my 12 week appointment on Tuesday. It was a 40 minute wait (with Caroline trying to escape the reception area by leaving the office or trying to go back into the patient rooms since she can open both doors!) followed by a 4 minute appointment. The OB found the heartbeat (167) and asked how I was and if I had any questions.


On Monday I have an appt with a perinato.logist and a hem.atologist. That should be interesting. I’ll update after that.


My CNA class is almost over. We’re in the middle of clinicals right now. It’s awesome though and I feel so lucky to get to work with the people I do. My instructor and classmates are top notch and such hard workers I love it. My A&P class is still awful but I’m managing it. Now that I don’t feel the need to sleep all day I am putting in more time into that class and it’s paying off thank God.


Alright I should clean up the house while I can. So far I’m up around 7lbs the first trimester (to 167).  I’m thankful I don’t have morning sickness but the need to eat has been growing and growing. Once my CNA class ends I plan on creating an exercise routine. I don’t want to lose my arms and thighs so easily after all that work to lose weight. Any suggestions? I know they say walking, but I want to do more…