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Month: September, 2012

Yes, it is a picture of the u/s picture. We don’t have a printer/scanner. We haven’t had one for  years 🙂 We’re in need of so many upgrades around here, it just hasn’t been enough of an issue to do anything about it.


I have my first OB appointment in a week.  I hope to God she can find a heartbeat or does an  u/s so that I know the little bean is still there with a beating heart.  Being so busy with the girls and school helps out so much with my anxiety but it’s always there.  I know it won’t feel safe until there is an actual baby in my arms.


In other news, E is loving, loving soccer! She scores at least 1 goal/game.  I must make sure I keep signing her up for it. She is also signed up for gi.rl scouts. I’m curious to see how that will go. I was never in that.


Caro.line is my little loud bear. She is so easy going. Unless she wants something she can’t have and then she’ll let you know. She’s starting to say more things. I know she would say more if I would take her pacifier away but I’m waiting until school is done in December. I can’t have her sleep turn to shit when I actually need her naps to get stuff done. It’s so fun to see how different she is from E.


School is still kicking my ass but I have a decent routine going. I love, love my CNA class. My teachers are seriously awesome. I’m excited to do the clinicals in a few weeks. My other class is still difficult but I think I can start improving my grade now that we’re onto material I’m interested in (Blood, the heart, and the Lymphatic system).


I hope everyone is doing well!! Thanks for checking on me and for all of the support. I still feel like if I get too happy something will inevitably explode 🙂


u/s today

we saw the heartbeat. it was 136! Which is higher than what C’s was around this time.


I was sooo anxious yesterday. Other than being tired I haven’t had too many symptoms so I was worried. All is well though. I’ll post the u/s later. I need a nap 🙂

A$$ kicking

I started my second class this week. I am exhausted.  I know time will fly and I’ll be glad I did this when I look back, but day to day school is kicking my ass.  Both classes are going to be a lot of work and I don’t like getting B’s now that I’m older and I know if I work hard enough I can usually pull off an A.


In two weeks I have the u/s.  My symptoms change daily-random heartburn here and there. I’m not going to lie, I’m absolutely terrified that I will go in and there will be nothing there on the screen. So I’ve been trying my best to be thankful that today I am pregnant.


E is loving school. It’s like she’s been going for a while instead of just a few days. She seems so much bigger now. Older.  Caro.line has been loving, loving the one on one time! She’s such a goofball and I love it. I’m so glad I get to spend my days with her.  I’ve been napping while she naps too and that has helped me be able to get through my night classes (they end at 9 three nights/wk).


alright I need to change C and pick up E. Happy Friday!

First day of Kin.dergarten

I held it together until the drive home. My baby! It’s so strange having her with me every day for over 5 years and now she’s at school all day. Also, I’m totally aware I am not the first person to go through this, but still I was pretty emotional when I had to leave her. E was fine, mind you.  I barely slept last night worrying about today. 🙂

Here she is before we left this morning. 🙂

beta #3 & sweet irritation



13dpo 106.4

So the RE’s office called me this morning and left me 2 messages (phone tag). In the second message they said they wanted me to do another beta. After church I called back and waited for the return phone call.


On Thursday the nurse told me to do as many betas as I felt comfortable with. Today the nurse (who was a different one) told me they wanted me to do one more. I told her I didn’t really want to or see the need to.  She said my first beta was low. Um, dude, I was 9dpo, no one has charts for that.  I said my last two betas have at least doubled so what was the concern.  She said oh you know if there was a drop or this or that. I said, yes, but my numbers haven’t dropped or been worrisome.


Basically she had nothing to stand on and was trying to push me for a 4th beta.  For me, it would do nothing but make me anxious. If the number drops they can’t do anything. If it rises, it’s just another bill we have to pay. I don’t like pushy medical people.


I said isn’t the u/s what will ultimately determine how this is going? She said yes.


Am I crazy here? Would you have gotten another beta?


Anyway, the u/s is scheduled for 9/21 @ 9am…