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Month: August, 2012

beta #2

Component Your Value Standard Range Units
Female Reference Ranges:
Nonpregnant (Premenopause): <5 mIU/mL
Postmenopause: <8 mIU/mL

Gestational Age Expected HCG Values (mIU/mL)
3 weeks 5.8 – 71.2
4 weeks 9.5 – 750
5 weeks 217 – 7138
6 weeks 158 – 31,795
7 weeks 3,697 – 163,563
8 weeks 32,605 – 149,571
9 weeks 63,803 – 151,410
10 weeks 46,509 – 186,977
12 weeks 27,832 – 210,612
14 weeks 13,950 – 62,530
15 weeks 12,039 – 70,971
16 weeks 9,040 – 56,451
17 weeks 8,175 – 55,868
18 weeks 8,099 – 58,176




The Re’s office called

Yesterday around 3pm and they want me to do another beta either on Saturday or Monday since my first one was so early.  It’s fine, I just wish they would’ve told me to wait for the 1st beta then. I told the nurse I was 9dpo when I called…meh.


I’m exhausted and my bo.obs have been so sore/sensitive. I thought I gained at least 5 lbs but it turns out I lost about 2 and I’m in the 150s for the first time since I was pregnant with C. Go figure 🙂


I’m way less anxious this time about the betas though. I know worrying isn’t going to do a damn thing and this is either going to work out or it isn’t. (Of course I want it to). I just feel so pregnant this go around. It’s hard to describe. While C I had heartburn. Bad. on 9dpo and I thought I was.  With E I was going to bed for the night at 6pm. No joke.


I’m taking E to see Ice Age this afternoon as a last special thing before she starts Kindergarten next week. I can’t believe she’s so big already! After the movie I’ll stop by the lab and get my 2nd beta done. I’ll update when I know that number.


My life in pictures…


the past 3 days 🙂



Miss C


Miss E



I had a picture of my RX from the RE for $687 for the first 30 shots of generic Love.nox but I don’t know where that went. I’ll update when I know the second beta. The test this morning was darker so that was comforting 🙂

beta #1

At 9dpo my beta was 11.1.


From everything I’ve found online 9dpo is way early to get a beta done 🙂 But the number seems fine. Here’s hoping it doubles on Thursday!


I didn’t get to the RE’s until almost 4pm and the office e-mailed me the results around 8pm. On Thursday I have to get my 2nd beta and get that test done for taking Lo.venox.  I won’ t be able to go to the lab until 3 hours after my shot, so like 8pm aka I won’t know what my 2nd beta will be until Friday morning!


I’m going to use my last FRER tomorrow morning. A darker line would make me feel a little less anxious.


After you get a positive OPK how do you start counting days past ovulation? I had my surge on Saturday, August 18th.
So that’s 10 days ago. I don’t know if I’m 9 or 10dpo then.
Also, this morning I got a BFP. It’s light but it popped up right away. I’m waiting for the RE’s office to call me back and let me know when I can go in for a beta. I had the faintest line yesterday afternoon but I wasn’t sure if I was willing it into existence or if it was real.


I’ll update when I have a beta done.


I’ll be on pins and needles until I have 2 betas under my belt.

5 dpo

man alive, I started school last night and it’s going to be awful. I knew it was going to be a ton of work but I was hoping I signed up for a good teacher. That is not the case.  He is a really smart man but he is all over the place.  I like things to be organized and flow in order. This teacher just talks about whatever pops into his head.


It’s for advanced an.atomy and ph.syiology. This is not a class to have to teach myself. F*ck!


Vent over. 🙂  In other news my belly feels full and low and my b.reasts have been tingling. No idea what if anything that means. I don’t remember how I felt two years ago at this time.  My shoulders are killing me right now. I’ve been doing the again (level 3 this week) and to spice it up I threw in Jillian’s Ri.pped in 30 dvd. OUch. She knows what’s she’s doing so I know it’s just cutting me into shape but hot dog it hurts.


One of my friend’s mom’s passed away last weekend. I’m taking Caro.line to the visitation thing tonight. E has something at school so the DH is taking her.  This is the second friend in 2 years to lose a parent.  Most of my friends are late 20s/very early 30s! I can’t believe this is already happening.  My buddy was already going though some personal stuff and now this happened. I’m worried this will push him over the edge. F*cking balls you know?

Ah I miss swearing 😀 Alright I need to shower while C is napping. On a completely random note I miss the old Marina from the Fresh beat ba.nd. I don’t care for the new one.  E just says, ” Mama, it’s not real, it’s just a show”. She’s right of course but I always think of Roseanne and the Becky situation. tsk tsk.

3 dpo

You know what’s fun about being in the 2ww? The symptom game.


Since I rarely get AF I have no idea what is normal before/during/after ovulation or how my body responds. So it’s been fun.  The last two times I took Fem.ara I O’ed on CD 20, so when I went back to the RE we decided to schedule my u/s for cd 15 or 16. I made the appointment for cd 16 except I ended up getting my surge at night on the 14th/in the morning on the 15th so I had to cancel that appointment.  We got our BD in so now we wait.

I start school tomorrow and I am so excited! I’m trying to get the house in order before I get too overwhelmed and the house gets disgusting.

At my last weigh in (Saturday) I was up 0.2 lbs. Meh. I had birthday parties all last weekend and didn’t make the best choices but now I’m back on track with eating & exercise. I guess we’ll see where I’m at in a week. white

Today is CD10. I used an opk. Okay it wasn’t exactly pure white, there was a faint line but still.  The last two times I used Fe.mara I ovulated around cd20 so this wasn’t unexpected, it’s just a reminder that my body is f*cked up is all.  I get so bitter sometimes thinking about having to take something to make my body function the way so many other people’s does without them ever having to worry about it.

I know, I have 2 beautiful children.

I’m venting. And feeling really hormonal for some reason. Apparently ttc has impacted me.

I did manage to lose 1.8lbs last week! I tracked for 7 entire days, did the shred 3 of those days, and ran on 2 separate occasions. Win-win. This week got off to a bumpy start (eating a blooming onion for breakfast on Sunday morning) but otherwise I’ve been back on track with tracking and exercise.

I start school next week. I’m getting a little last minute energy rush where I’m trying to get everything in order. I’ll have 2 weeks until my CNA class starts and E starts and things will really get nuts.

Caro.line has been sleeping beautifully lately. Like only gently moaning once or twice a night now that her first molar finally cut. It’s been heavenly! Alright I’m going to read while I still have free time 🙂


(Oh, I wanted to mention too, I’m doing WW from all the materials I got after I had C. I’m not paying for it either, I can’t justify the money/month. I don’t know why I wanted to point that out but I did. I know ww works for me but I don’t want to pay for it :))

Day 5

So far so good. I’m not feeling any side effects from the fe.mara, so that’s pretty sweet 🙂


As far as tracking I’m doing well there too. I cannot remember the last time I actually tracked for 5 days in a row and stayed within in my points! I’d been doing ww half assed since I quit having to weigh in at meetings. I should mention I still lost 20#’s since I quit but I think I would’ve been back to goal if I stayed and kept paying. At the time I couldn’t justify the $40/month.  Now that I’m close and motivated and all that it should be fine.


Honestly I get moments where I’m so excited to be trying again and then on the flip side I feel so detached from it.  My odds are 50% at this point. I’ve been pregnant 4 times with two little ones.  I know those odds are better than other people and I’m not trying to take that for granted. I’m worried about getting too involved and getting my heart broken again.


I’m trying to stay insanely busy this fall. In addition to school (which will be 4 days/wk) I signed up to teach Sunday School at our church.  And we’re signing E up for soccer again.  She’s so excited! She hasn’t been in anything since we had C and moved to a different city.  She’s been on my case because she wants to take the bus to school and I’m just not inclined to let that happen…Her school is only 3 minutes away but I’m such a worrier.  We haven’t ruled it out yet.  Part of me wants her to be at school because I think she’s bored here and the other part of me doesn’t want my baby away all day! I cannot believe she’s 5!


New digs

Bear with me while I get used to wordpress. I have to say that moving here feels like it has freed up my thoughts for some reason. It’s nice 🙂


Today is CD 1.  Yup. This will be our first medicated cycle ttc #3.  It feels pretty unreal actually.


To distract myself as much as humanly possible I’ve started doing WW again. I’m right around 162lbs.  I was around 145 when I got pregnant with Ca.roline.  I can fit into size 8 (which is awesome) but all of my ‘skinny clothes’ are size 6.  (I’m almost 5’7″).  I’ve been doing well with tracking and sticking to my points. I need to step up on the exercise.  It’s so much harder to work out on the weekends for me.  I figure if I can lose anything it’s a win-win situation.
I have my CPR class this week for school. It’s from 4-10pm. Thankfully I’m taking it with two girls from my other class.  Then I believe it’s 2 weeks until I go back.  Things are going to get so busy so fast.
Anyway, thanks for reading 🙂