Checking in

by starsandbabies

I can’t believe my big boy is 8 months old!! Things are good, but hectic and I’m crazy tired. M was up every hour last night. He’s cutting at least two teeth and even with Tylenol he’s been sleeping horribly.  We finally moved him to his own room and crib. It took me a while to get used to not having him by my side but it was time. E is a great big sister as well as C, but C is also 2 and wants what she wants immediately. Both girls were already weaned from me by this point but M won’t take bottles or binkies so we’ll nurse until he’s one.  He’s already 20#s and 29 or 30″. He finally started sitting on his own and then he followed up by pulling himself to the standing position. E was the same way. I’m betting he’ll be walking by 9 months like both of the girls. I’m still doing ww, I’m down to 167. I’d like to get to 150 since two of my BFF’s are getting married this year and in standing up in both weddings. Here’s a pic of my little ones…Image