by starsandbabies

This is from my u/s yesterday with my new OB. Since we bought a house it makes sense to go to an OB that’s closer to us. I love her! During the appointment Caroline walked around the hallways with the nurses while my doc did the u/s.  She’s sooo outgoing compared to E.  Anyway, the baby measured 3 days ahead. We saw & heard the heart rate.  I did spot most of the day afterwards but she told me I would since there was blo.od on the wand. eh.

SHe’s also having me meet with a perina.tologist? (sp?) because I’m on the lov.enox.  No idea what to expect from that appointment. I’m also meeting with an OB who specializes in clotting disorders right after the Peri appointment.  I didn’t do anything like this while pregnant with C.

I’ve gained a lb or two which is awesome. I’m trying my damndest to not balloon up again. It was so much working trying to lose it all. Being in school so much is helping a ton.  Speaking of which, that is getting better. It helps that we’re working on material I love (blood, the heart, and the lymphatic system).  My CNA class is close to getting to clinicals. It will be fun to apply what we’ve learned in a real way. I’m thinking I may try to get a job before nursing clinicals to get experience. We will see if that all works out.


Alright, it’s 3pm, I need to do my shot and then get ready to pick up  E from school.  🙂 Here are the girls the other day being silly.