A$$ kicking

by starsandbabies

I started my second class this week. I am exhausted.  I know time will fly and I’ll be glad I did this when I look back, but day to day school is kicking my ass.  Both classes are going to be a lot of work and I don’t like getting B’s now that I’m older and I know if I work hard enough I can usually pull off an A.


In two weeks I have the u/s.  My symptoms change daily-random heartburn here and there. I’m not going to lie, I’m absolutely terrified that I will go in and there will be nothing there on the screen. So I’ve been trying my best to be thankful that today I am pregnant.


E is loving school. It’s like she’s been going for a while instead of just a few days. She seems so much bigger now. Older.  Caro.line has been loving, loving the one on one time! She’s such a goofball and I love it. I’m so glad I get to spend my days with her.  I’ve been napping while she naps too and that has helped me be able to get through my night classes (they end at 9 three nights/wk).


alright I need to change C and pick up E. Happy Friday!