beta #3 & sweet irritation

by starsandbabies



13dpo 106.4

So the RE’s office called me this morning and left me 2 messages (phone tag). In the second message they said they wanted me to do another beta. After church I called back and waited for the return phone call.


On Thursday the nurse told me to do as many betas as I felt comfortable with. Today the nurse (who was a different one) told me they wanted me to do one more. I told her I didn’t really want to or see the need to.  She said my first beta was low. Um, dude, I was 9dpo, no one has charts for that.  I said my last two betas have at least doubled so what was the concern.  She said oh you know if there was a drop or this or that. I said, yes, but my numbers haven’t dropped or been worrisome.


Basically she had nothing to stand on and was trying to push me for a 4th beta.  For me, it would do nothing but make me anxious. If the number drops they can’t do anything. If it rises, it’s just another bill we have to pay. I don’t like pushy medical people.


I said isn’t the u/s what will ultimately determine how this is going? She said yes.


Am I crazy here? Would you have gotten another beta?


Anyway, the u/s is scheduled for 9/21 @ 9am…