The Re’s office called

by starsandbabies

Yesterday around 3pm and they want me to do another beta either on Saturday or Monday since my first one was so early.  It’s fine, I just wish they would’ve told me to wait for the 1st beta then. I told the nurse I was 9dpo when I called…meh.


I’m exhausted and my bo.obs have been so sore/sensitive. I thought I gained at least 5 lbs but it turns out I lost about 2 and I’m in the 150s for the first time since I was pregnant with C. Go figure 🙂


I’m way less anxious this time about the betas though. I know worrying isn’t going to do a damn thing and this is either going to work out or it isn’t. (Of course I want it to). I just feel so pregnant this go around. It’s hard to describe. While C I had heartburn. Bad. on 9dpo and I thought I was.  With E I was going to bed for the night at 6pm. No joke.


I’m taking E to see Ice Age this afternoon as a last special thing before she starts Kindergarten next week. I can’t believe she’s so big already! After the movie I’ll stop by the lab and get my 2nd beta done. I’ll update when I know that number.