5 dpo

by starsandbabies

man alive, I started school last night and it’s going to be awful. I knew it was going to be a ton of work but I was hoping I signed up for a good teacher. That is not the case.  He is a really smart man but he is all over the place.  I like things to be organized and flow in order. This teacher just talks about whatever pops into his head.


It’s for advanced an.atomy and ph.syiology. This is not a class to have to teach myself. F*ck!


Vent over. 🙂  In other news my belly feels full and low and my b.reasts have been tingling. No idea what if anything that means. I don’t remember how I felt two years ago at this time.  My shoulders are killing me right now. I’ve been doing the sh.red again (level 3 this week) and to spice it up I threw in Jillian’s Ri.pped in 30 dvd. OUch. She knows what’s she’s doing so I know it’s just cutting me into shape but hot dog it hurts.


One of my friend’s mom’s passed away last weekend. I’m taking Caro.line to the visitation thing tonight. E has something at school so the DH is taking her.  This is the second friend in 2 years to lose a parent.  Most of my friends are late 20s/very early 30s! I can’t believe this is already happening.  My buddy was already going though some personal stuff and now this happened. I’m worried this will push him over the edge. F*cking balls you know?

Ah I miss swearing 😀 Alright I need to shower while C is napping. On a completely random note I miss the old Marina from the Fresh beat ba.nd. I don’t care for the new one.  E just says, ” Mama, it’s not real, it’s just a show”. She’s right of course but I always think of Roseanne and the Becky situation. tsk tsk.