s.now white

by starsandbabies

Today is CD10. I used an opk. Okay it wasn’t exactly pure white, there was a faint line but still.  The last two times I used Fe.mara I ovulated around cd20 so this wasn’t unexpected, it’s just a reminder that my body is f*cked up is all.  I get so bitter sometimes thinking about having to take something to make my body function the way so many other people’s does without them ever having to worry about it.

I know, I have 2 beautiful children.

I’m venting. And feeling really hormonal for some reason. Apparently ttc has impacted me.

I did manage to lose 1.8lbs last week! I tracked for 7 entire days, did the shred 3 of those days, and ran on 2 separate occasions. Win-win. This week got off to a bumpy start (eating a blooming onion for breakfast on Sunday morning) but otherwise I’ve been back on track with tracking and exercise.

I start school next week. I’m getting a little last minute energy rush where I’m trying to get everything in order. I’ll have 2 weeks until my CNA class starts and E starts and things will really get nuts.

Caro.line has been sleeping beautifully lately. Like only gently moaning once or twice a night now that her first molar finally cut. It’s been heavenly! Alright I’m going to read while I still have free time 🙂


(Oh, I wanted to mention too, I’m doing WW from all the materials I got after I had C. I’m not paying for it either, I can’t justify the money/month. I don’t know why I wanted to point that out but I did. I know ww works for me but I don’t want to pay for it :))