Day 5

by starsandbabies

So far so good. I’m not feeling any side effects from the fe.mara, so that’s pretty sweet 🙂


As far as tracking I’m doing well there too. I cannot remember the last time I actually tracked for 5 days in a row and stayed within in my points! I’d been doing ww half assed since I quit having to weigh in at meetings. I should mention I still lost 20#’s since I quit but I think I would’ve been back to goal if I stayed and kept paying. At the time I couldn’t justify the $40/month.  Now that I’m close and motivated and all that it should be fine.


Honestly I get moments where I’m so excited to be trying again and then on the flip side I feel so detached from it.  My odds are 50% at this point. I’ve been pregnant 4 times with two little ones.  I know those odds are better than other people and I’m not trying to take that for granted. I’m worried about getting too involved and getting my heart broken again.


I’m trying to stay insanely busy this fall. In addition to school (which will be 4 days/wk) I signed up to teach Sunday School at our church.  And we’re signing E up for soccer again.  She’s so excited! She hasn’t been in anything since we had C and moved to a different city.  She’s been on my case because she wants to take the bus to school and I’m just not inclined to let that happen…Her school is only 3 minutes away but I’m such a worrier.  We haven’t ruled it out yet.  Part of me wants her to be at school because I think she’s bored here and the other part of me doesn’t want my baby away all day! I cannot believe she’s 5!