New digs

by starsandbabies

Bear with me while I get used to wordpress. I have to say that moving here feels like it has freed up my thoughts for some reason. It’s nice 🙂


Today is CD 1.  Yup. This will be our first medicated cycle ttc #3.  It feels pretty unreal actually.


To distract myself as much as humanly possible I’ve started doing WW again. I’m right around 162lbs.  I was around 145 when I got pregnant with Ca.roline.  I can fit into size 8 (which is awesome) but all of my ‘skinny clothes’ are size 6.  (I’m almost 5’7″).  I’ve been doing well with tracking and sticking to my points. I need to step up on the exercise.  It’s so much harder to work out on the weekends for me.  I figure if I can lose anything it’s a win-win situation.
I have my CPR class this week for school. It’s from 4-10pm. Thankfully I’m taking it with two girls from my other class.  Then I believe it’s 2 weeks until I go back.  Things are going to get so busy so fast.
Anyway, thanks for reading 🙂